Tuesday, 28 July 2009

bouno bread

This butter or margarine wholemeal bread smells and tastes heavenly. i’ve never heard of the brand Bouno before till my friend wanted to get a loaf while in KL. It was ridiculously priced at RM20. i tried a small piece and it tasted really good. So i decided to get a loaf too especially it costed the same amount back home, but in S$! 

Trust me, you can’t stop at one slice.


Jo said...

RM20!!! How many slices is 1 loaf? I cannot imagine someone actually buying bread home from holiday. It must be REALLY GOOD! ;)

one little journey said...

my friend counted 13 slices. it's insane to spend so much on a loaf of bread, luckily i bought it in ringgit :-p

Jo said...

I think it's still very expensive. 1 slice = 1 nice bun at the bakery.