Sunday, 7 June 2009

toast love

The most common food i had when i was staying in London was bread. It’s the most affordable for me then and of course i wasn’t much of a cook either. Also, i hated using the shared kitchen as it was always dirty and i HATE doing dishes. Anyway, besides instant noodle, i can cooked only a few simple dishes like: 

Chicken Rice (not the authentic kind)
Add marinated chicken and vegetable (chinese cabbage, carrot and button mushroom) with rice into the rice cooker and simmer together. That’s it, DONE! This has become my signature dish, and it’s OOOH-SO-YUMMY! i made this for my family years later and they love it. 

Vermicelli Soup 
Basically everything is the same as cooking chicken rice except to replace rice with vermicelli and add lots of water.

Spaghetti with Grilled Chicken Wings
Marinate and grill chicken wings for about 20mins. While waiting, boil spaghetti and heat some bottled ready-made sauce from supermarket, add some button mushroom, stir in the cooked spaghetti. And TADAH! Both will be done and ready to eat at around the same time.

Back to bread.

Raisin toast with butter.

i didn’t get tired of eating bread like most of my fellow asian friends. Instead, i grew to love it. i made all kinds of sandwiches for my meals:

The common ones
Ham, cheese, tomato, lettuce

The lazy ones
Peanut butter, strawberry jam, nutella, butter, canned soup

The fusion ones 
Luncheon meat, vegetarian pork floss with lettuce, bakkwa with lettuce. Sounds weird but they are really yummy.  


kellykylie said...

i never thot i'd find recipes on your blog! :p btw my mom used to make claypot chicken chicken rice the same way u make ur chicken rice! jus throw in the ingredients for claypot chicken rice (lap cheong, vegetables, chicken) and when cooked, stir in the dark sauce.. YUMMY!

one little journey said...

haha! mine is not really detailed enough to be recipe yet. maybe i will do one post just for the chicken rice... that is if i am hardworking enough to cook :-p

Jo said...

I know it sounds stupid...but i really dont dare to touch raw food. At the most, i will peel prawns' shells...coz i love to eat prawns so no choice. ;p

Actually, i cannot imagine living in an angmoh country with mostly bread...and also when other food is ex. It will be a torture for me.

I cooked pasta last week with canned sauce and salmon! Cutting up the slice of salmon wasnt as scary as i thought. Yummy! Thanks to teh sauce! ;)

Jon said...

i survived on peanut butter nutella sandwiches with cheap loaf bread for 6 months overseas. your list brings back fond memories