Monday, 1 June 2009

healthy vs sinful

i had both because it’s impossible to resist either. Oooh so yummy!

Zespri Golden kiwi vs Minamoto Kitchoan chocolate mochi

Golden kiwi is still in season, so get them quick before it’s over! The next seasonal fruit to look forward to will be white cherries, i think it’s in August, very soon :-) 


Jo said...

MOCHI!!! Lately, i've been craving mochis too. I always buy just 3 and finish them by myself.

Last week, Elvis had to OT on weekend and i bought a box for his colleagues. A few of them said, "WAH! What is this?! Sooo nice!" Keke... ;)

I'm craving for it again.

one little journey said...

jiuri loves it too!