Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Cookies, coffee

How soon do you usually pack your luggage before going on a trip? Most of the time, i do it one day or the night before unless it’s a place where i’m not sure what to wear and need to do a bit of a planning, and in this case, Brunei. i’m in the midst of packing for Thursday trip, two days in advamce. Not sure how strict the dress code for this islamic country would be... i’ve packed leggings (just in case i’m not supposed to show legs) and a big scarf to cover whatever part i need to cover.


ana said...

i have a trip on thursday as well, and haven't started packing yet... in fact, i've just washed the last load of laundry that i will need for the trip. my guess is i'll do it the night before :)

have a nice trip - can't wait to read about it! :)

meds said...

I have no idea how I found and followed you on instagram (I'm @greyskies), but I love your photographs :)

I usually pack 2-3 days in advance only to see if I need to purchase anything last-minute. I seem to only travel with the same tops and bottoms every time.

meds said...

haha, I meant @aphryn. muddled up twitter and ig as usual.

one little journey said...

@ana: seems like both of us belong to the 'last-min' packers :)

one little journey said...

@meds: hi there! nice meeting you on blogs too :)