Tuesday, 9 November 2010

rainy day

Instant noodle with egg, camomile tea

Rainy weather. Best to sleep in. That’s what i am doing today :-)


Jo said...

the bags yours? i actually thought of getting you a small recycled bag i saw! skull prints!

one little journey said...

help me buy! i love skull design :-)

these bags are for friends. but they looked so cute both becky and i thought maybe we should keep for ourselves :-p

Jo said...

i know!!! i have a weakness for buying recycled bags too! maybe becoz it's cheaper than a "bag-bag" and it's useful. BUT actually one dont need so many recycled bags...it wont appear so 环保 already! hahaha... ;p

will buy it for you! ;)

one little journey said...

but skull design?! how can i possibly pass that, the more the merrier. hehe!
the most i will pass the rest of the bags to friends to promote 环保.


Jo said...

keep them all! a girl can never have too many bags - including recycled bags! HAHA! ;D