Monday, 10 May 2010

teabreaks in Shanghai

These are my breaks (and two breakfasts) while in Shanghai for the past two weeks. Every meal was so delicious i am already missing them!

田子坊 (Tian Zi Fang) – Ham and mushroom quiche, latte

兴旺茶餐厅 (Xing Wang Teahouse) – Pineapple or boluo bun with butter, tea with milk

Jo’s apartment – Pineapple or boluo bun and some nutty pastry, tea with milk

Old Film Cafe – Ice latte

Haagen-Dazs – Banana split ice-cream

Ajisen ice milk tea and Lilian egg tart (they claimed to be: probably the best egg tart in Shanghai)

Jo’s apartment – crispy cheese crackers, tea with milk

南翔馒头店 (Nan Xiang Steamed Bun Restaurant) – steamed soup dumplings

Australia Pavilion Cafe (Shanghai Expo) – latte, double chocolate cookies and takeaway orange flavour bread

上海葡京茶餐厅 (Lisboa Restaurant) – Portuguese egg tart, ice milk tea

Pudong airport – chocolate mud cake with blueberry sauce, latte


Jo said...

all looks so yummy! ;)

one little journey said...

i miss the fried rice at Lisboa!

Jo said...

ahh...that's the 澳门小姐炒饭! show your mom the picture. she might be able to cook it for you. ;)

one little journey said...

will show her at one go when all the photos are sorted! nomnom