Tuesday, 9 March 2010

colourful tuesday

Chocolate swiss roll, papaya, orange, coffee...

... and the two dolls that were abused by my niece – she loves to hold them by the hair, remove their accessories and threw them in any weird position you can think of.


Hope Chella said...

This is SUCH a unique picture. I'm sorry that your nieces abused the dolls :P That's what little girls do!

I'm looking forward to following you now :)


one little journey said...

aww... thanks Hope!

Unknown said...

Oh hello, you're lovely and you fill your blog with lots of lovely things. I can't get enough!

This image is so fun! mmmm.... papaya!


one little journey said...

thanks Patricia :-)

lots of people don’t eat papaya, but i think it's yummy esp when its fresh out from the fridge