Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Pineapple tarts, mandarin orange, coffee.

After MIA for about a week, i’m back with the spirits of Chinese New Year! The past week had been rather busy – spring cleaning (umm... i seldom do housework, so can’t really claim credit for that, but i did clean up my desktop and all my backup files are up-to-date now :-p), meeting clients, planning and tidying up some work before the long weekends etc., thus, was hardly at home.

Although i’m still recovering from flu and sore throat and haven’t had the chance to enjoy cny goodies (in fact, i only had my first pineapple tart today), but it has been a great new year so far. PLUS i’ve got complimentary ticket to Stef’s concert at Resorts World later! So excited! :-D

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Gong xi gong xi!

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