Monday, 27 April 2009

nom nom

13:00 | fast food lunch

17:00 | 2-in-1 break

20:00 | instant dinner


Jo said...

I had almost the same kind!
- McDonalds
- chocolates
- korea instant noodle soup (with egg only)

one little journey said...

haha! Mine is korean instant noodle too, with sliced fish, cabbage, tomato scallion and egg :-p

Jo said...

I can see...sooo many "liao"


kellykylie said...

unhealthy.. but they all look so yummy to me.. mmm... especially ur dinner!! slurps! :p

one little journey said...

jo: usually i will just put egg, but my mum prepared all these "liao" for me in the fridge cos she knew the most i will cook on my own is instant noodle. hehe!

kelly: unhealthy food are usually so yummy! how nice if char kuay tiao, chicken rice etc are healthy food :-p